Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Window paining by Sharon Davis.
Barista and owner of Buds and Buttons.
Furniture provided by our friends at Hutch.
Check out their location in Midtown Crossing!

Tables were created by local artist: Kevin McClay

It all started with a couple of friends talking about music.
When you really get down to it, that's how our new Aromas location in Benson began.  

My musician husband was talking with Ben Shafer about community and the arts and the vision of the 402 Arts Collective in North Omaha, where we live.  Ben is the executive director of this nonprofit located on the corner of 60th Ave. and Maple. You can learn more about them on their website, http://402artscollective.org/, but basically they are committed to supporting the arts and training the next generation in music and the visual arts here in Omaha.  They have a recording studio and individual and group lesson spaces onsite, as well as after-school programs that they offer in a handful of public schools.  
We wanted to help.  

The 402 was working with their landlord to renovate the main level of this historic building to include an all-ages music venue and coffeehouse.  We started out as fans of the nonprofit and allies of their vision, and now lease the space alongside their bay here at 6051 Maple Street.  

It has been quite the process, but t
Courtyard in progress.
Anxious to see this space in springtime.
his space is the perfect combination of the things my husband and I are passionate about and we are incredibly excited to work alongside an organization that is invested in the community and doing great things for the residents and future of Benson. We bring baked goods to this shop daily from our kitchen downtown and concentrate on specialty coffee and unique brewing methods here. This space will be available to rent for private shows and events and you can check the 402's calendar of upcoming events to see what's on the horizon. Also, if you are interested in performing or showing any work, you can contact Dave at booking@402artscollective.org to get more information.

Sharon, again, with Buds and Buttons.
Omaha needs more spaces for people to meet each other.  So many folks spend time at home and at work, and there aren't enough good, safe place to meet your neighbors or engage people that you don’t know well. So, we have specifically chosen to open our coffeehouses within walking-distance of residential neighborhoods.  We have chosen to be open early and late to provide space for folks to have business meetings and book clubs and concerts and study sessions.  If fantastic coffee and baked goods help set the stage for interaction, we count that as a win.  

Thank you for your continued support. We hope to serve you soon.

This display case was recused from Craig's List.
It was in the original Benson Bakery.

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