Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Clever Class!

part of our Benson mural by barista and resident artists, Sharon Davis.

This Sunday, the 15th, we're hosting our first educational event at our Benson shop: A Clever Class! Contrary to the suggested title, this is NOT a class on how to be clever; that's proprietary information we only share with our baristas. It IS a class about making coffee. From 2pm-4pm, stop by the 402's Studio C (just south of our shop door on 60th Avenue) and get a lesson in deliciousness via the Clever brewer. Some of you may have already experienced the tasty coffee produced by this incredibly simple brew method, but if you're new to it feel free to come in for a sample. 

The "class" will be rolling through those two hours.  It will be free and attending it will give you the ability to purchase a Clever for $5 off. Paired with a beautiful tin of Kickapoo Coffee, it makes a great gift for the coffee lover in your life AND, after the class, you'll be able to teach them how to use it. Fancy. 

The Clever has gained popularity among specialty coffee baristas in the past few years due to its simplicity, accessibility, and consistently great cups of coffee. It's a hybrid immersion/pour-over method that is made from BPA free plastic and uses Melitta #4 filters, which you can buy basically anywhere. At the class you'll learn about manual brewing best practices like coffee to water ratio, water temperature, proper grinding, pouring, and measuring. You'll be making the best coffee of your life...did we mention it's free?

We're very much looking forward to expanding our coffee nerdery with you. Stay tuned for many more events including cuppings, other brew method tutorials, latte art throwdowns, etc... We hope these events will be useful, educational, and most of all fun. 

See you there!

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