Thursday, December 19, 2013

It's Beginning to Taste a lot Like Christmas...


'Tis the season to eat delicious things.
chocolate cupcake, peppermint ganache filling,
and marshmallow buttercream
Okay, so we strongly encourage that every month of the year, but we here at Bliss Bakery are definitely seasonal eaters.  For example, we love strawberries but really prefer to use them at their peak of freshness.  Strawberry meringue frosting and key lime cupcakes and rhubarb pie have had their season in 2013.
It was glorious, but it is over.

Turn, turn, turn.

We are now onto cozier things.  Cuddling up in a sweater and next to a fire kind of things.  Whimsical desserts the week leading up to Christmas sort of things.
Our winter cupcake line-up is as follows:
spiced cupcake and swiss frosting,
topped with an adorable cookie
and Hot Chocolate.

We'd love it if you'd stop by or place an order today!

pomegranate cupcake with
vanilla bean swiss frosting,
topped with pomegranate seeds
eggnog cupcake with our
signature "nutmegnog" buttercream

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