Monday, January 20, 2014

Come here often?

We considered using Members Only Jackets, but they are a bit lightweight for a Nebraska winter.

Instead, here at Aromas Coffeehouse, we are using keychains as a way for you, our loyal customer, to be part of the inner circle.  For $35, your email address, and zip code, you will receive 15% off each and every purchase for 2014 and a monthly newsletter to your inbox.  
This is not junk mail.  
No, no, it will be chock-full of upcoming events and new product offerings and include additional perks and discounts for our keychain club.

We realize that our regular customer is the lifeblood of our shop, so we want to stay better connected with you and provide a discount to you with each purchase.  Thank you for your investment and support.  We love sharing the city with you and look forward to developing some secret handshakes and key jingles and a proprietary “high sign” together.

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