Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Featured Coffee: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Idido

You may have been drinking an award-winning coffee for the past month and not even known it!

Our lovely Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Idido from Kickapoo Coffee is one of the best coffees to come

out of that region last year. A recent winner of a Good Food Award and 94-point score from, this bean is a must-try.

Yirgacheffe is a town in Southwestern Ethiopia with perfect conditions for great coffee: high

altitudes, fertile soil, good processing systems, and heirloom varietals. The Idido Cooperative

there is one of the most well-respected coops in the industry. Our friends at Kickapoo visited

the co-op in 2011 and have nothing but great things to say about the people who turn out these

beautiful coffees. According to Kickapoo, Idido was established in the late 1970's and joined

the ranks of Yirgacheffe Farmer's Union in 2002. The cooperative has roughly 1000 active

members who cultivate farms averaging 1.5 hectares.

We offer this coffee on a regular basis as one of our daily brews downtown, and you can find it

on the Brew Bar in Benson. It's buttery body, floral aroma, and notes of cherry and lemon shine

in a Clever or a Chemex, so give it a try!

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